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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  September 15, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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incredible. homes have been burned down to their foundations and have been nothing more than piles of rubble. we've seen cars burned through, leaves charred with no leaves. every once in a while you'll see random homes that did survive as the fire ripped through. >> we have a series of reports on the fire. juliette goodrich is in middletown tonight. >> today we're hearing the personal stories, people returning home. this is what is left. late this afternoon they returned home to see what was left. we just learned in the last few hours the exact point where the fire started. it's at high valley and bottle rock roads in the community of cobb. this is what that area looks like tonight. investigators are looking at a burned out shed next to a two-story home. the house is okay. but the site below is charred, leading investigators to believe the fire started in or around that
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shed. cal fire is calling in all the resources it can to get the valley fire under control. it's bringing in more bulldozers and firefighters. right now more than 2300 are battling the flames. pg&e is busy as well. the fire brought down lots of power lines. 7200 customers do not have their electricity tonight. this is the sanchez home, a personal story of what they came back to and we watched and talked to them as they saw firsthand. >> reporter: the sanchez returned home for the first time. >> it's just materials. our kids made it out on time. >> reporter: they came back to look for valuables, jewelry and coins, but they say they have their health and the health of their children and that's really all they need.
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many parts of middletown were spared. this is downtown middletown. a lot of people were turning back, thought the entire town was destroyed by fire and that's not the case. if you look here, this business across the street is still in fact. next door the exterior of the flower shop was burned and yet one block from downtown, an entire neighborhood and this apartment complex gutted. greg works at one of the only markets open in town. his home burned to the ground. he says he came to work to help others. many who didn't have money to buy items. >> the atm was down. somebody came in and needed supplies and they didn't have cash. we couldn't rent a card. so we wrote their name and address and all the information on it and said come back when you can. >> as if all this destruction isn't bad enough, there's another worry for evacuees
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tonight. we're going to turn to emily turner for that part of the story at the fairgrounds in calistoga. >> as if these folks don't already have enough to worry about, they're living in tents behind me. their stuck in the back of their cars. their stuff still at home they had to leave behind, if it's made it. now they have to worry about what happens to that. >> oh, no, it's gone. >> reporter: the destruction in lake county is overwhelming. for those whose homes have been spared, there's another concern. looting. >> you already feel devastated because your whole community has been destroyed and even though you still have a place to go to have it then violated or to have it looted, it's angering. >> reporter: we took her to check on her home. it's fine. but anything still
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standing is a wide open target. already they've made several arrests for looting and calls for others are floating in. >> it's disgusting, unfortunate that people would take advantage during a time of crisis like this to take advantage of people. >> reporter: those people are folks like these, stuck in the evacuation center waiting for word about their homes or better, the chance to go back to them. but the sheriff says until he knows they'll be safe from things like downed power lines, they'll need to stay put. >> i wish i had better news. but unfortunately we won't sacrifice safety. these are things that are lost. even the looting. these are things that are lost. you can't replace lives. >> and to the news about when those folks may be able to go back to their homes, that may be coming now. at 5:00 a briefing started at the evacuation center which i'm going to head over to in just a moment. hopefully for the folks behind me they'll have some good news tonight. >> thanks so much. let's go now to joe vazquez. he's also in middletown.
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joe, while in emily's story that woman was able to go back to her home and it was still there, i know you have a much different story of people going back and nothing was there. >> yeah, for the most part people are not allowed in without an escort. sheriff's deputies have spent the day escorting families back in to the fire zone. many people not knowing what they were going to see when they got here. imagine arriving back to this. >> it's just devastation. >> reporter: he brought his family back to see what's left of the home of 22 years. not much. >> this was a flower garden my wife had just planted. the framework came apart. >> reporter: they're back for the first time since the fire came screaming down over the hill and they had to leave quickly to save their lives. >> i still can't fathom that this really happened. i have a home and i just want to go home
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at the end of the day and i can't. and that's what i feel. i can't go home. i have no home anymore. >> we didn't expect this. we thought there'd be something. something. but as you can see, there's nothing. nothing. it's beyond belief . >> people keep saying it's just stuff but it's not just stuff. this is my life. this is my livelihood and things i've collected my whole life. i lost my letterman's jacket in high school. to me that's one of the sentimental things that mean a lot. >> reporter: gingrich also lost some pets in the fire but they still have their lives and their strong family, and they know that's what's most important. >> we got out of here alive. that's what's important to me. >> let's start over. we're going to rebuild. >> it's my property. what else
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would i do? >> what else would you do, heartbreaking. that's going to be the story for hundreds in this area but i have to tell you that we also met some people who got home and found their house intact, also surprised. that was emotional as well. quickly i'll tell you people are being brought in for about a 15-minute period to check on pets and livestock. it's short-lived. they've got to get right back out. we'll bring you more stories coming up at 6:00. >> joe, thank you. and a lot of people i talked to in middletown were telling me they had seen images on facebook and youtube and they thought their entire town had burned and that's not the case. some people are coming back plenty surprised and others like the sanchez es are coming back to see what's left. all of them saying they're so happy they have their health and their children got out safely, that they're okay. coming up at 6:00, we're actually going to take you, one
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of our reporters goes to cobb mountain to look at a closer look at where this fire started and some amazing pictures. we get a better look and a better sense of the origin of the fire. we'll have that at 6:00. >> juliette goodrich live for us in middletown. thank you. and some good news. mother nature is actually coming in to help with these firefighters. right, paul? >> exactly right. we could use a little bit of rainfall. that's exactly what will be falling from the sky directly over the valley fire this time tomorrow. it is windy tonight. humidity levels are higher because it has been cool. we'll continue to be cool. but the big headline is rainfall. it will be raining. as a matter of fact ahead of the actual front, about 24 hours ahead, we're seeing a few light showers along highway 128, 175, and highway 29. currently in southern lake county. futurecast painting a wonderful picture. it's not really the rainfall in san jose and san francisco which will be
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markedly less than the north bay. look at the rain for ukiah. potential for a quarter of an inch to half inch of rainfall. that would help out firefighters tremendously if that verifies tomorrow. we'll talk more about the rain coming up. fire crews making progress on two other california fires. southeast of sacramento, the butte fire. in amador and calaveras counties is now 37% contained. this fire has destroyed 166 homes. 6400 homes still considered threatened by it. it now covers 72,000 acres. the rough fire is about 40% contained. it's been burning for more than a month and blackened more than 140,000 acres. evacuation orders in parts of fresno county have been lifted and wet weather has helped crews get a handle on the fire. the donations keep pouring in to help victims of the fire.
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busy sorting food being dropped off for fire victims. people are also donating pet food. the red cross said right now it really needs cash donations. you can call in a donation to 1-800-redcross or go to and designate your gift to victims of the valley fire. you can text red cross to 90999 to give a $10 donation to the disaster relief fund. still ahead, an ugly incident after the 49ers game in santa clara was caught on video. a fight in the parking lot between rival fans. what happened just before the punches started flying. >> it's a dream convention for sales force workers. how it's become a nightmare for people trying to get around san francisco.,,,,,,
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tonight the 49ers are promising to deal with an ugly incident outside levi's stadium. >> devin fehely on a clash between rival fans after last
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night's opener. >> ugly is right. the fight it -- the fight itself didn't last more than about 2 minutes but during that time, some blows to the head. all of it caught on tape. >> reporter: the fight took place as fans were leaving the stadium after the 49ers' win in the season opener. the brutal beat-down was captured on cell phone video as several 49ers fans punched and kicked a man wearing a minnesota vikings jersey. santa clara police say they've spoken with the victim and are investigating the assault, trying to identify the attackers seen in the video. the fan brandon cosio who recorded the fight says it doesn't show the moments leading up to the fight in which two groups of opposing fans were trash talking before things took an ugly and violent turn. the 49ers organization today said the team has a, quote, steadfast commitment to ensuring a safe enjoyable experience to all
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visitors at levi's stadium and unacceptable behavior such as this will not be tolerated. >> the real challenge for law enforcement will be to identify the people in the video. the santa clara police department says if you recognize someone apart of that fight you're urged to call investigators. devin fehely, kpix 5. thousands are looking to help people affected by the valley fire. how you can help with more than just cash. >> and a big convention is getting underway in san francisco. how it's pricing some locals out of their,,,,,,,,
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a big shakeup at hewlett-packard. it's going to cut about 30,000 jobs. the palo alto-based company is splitting in to two. one company will focus on computers and printers, the other on software and data analysis. hp expects to cut its expenses by $2 billion a year. the company already laid off tens of thousands of workers over the past few years to boost declining profits. one of the biggest tech conventions has taken over the city of san francisco. >> mike sugerman on how an already jam packed city is
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dealing with this new influx of people. >> it's big. 160,000 people. it's the biggest tech convention in the world. and yes, the city is nuts when all those extra people come down. that's the bad news. the good news is they are dropping a boat load of cash. >> reporter: who says there's no such thing as a free lunch? >> looks like there's chicken for lunch right now. it's free if you're registered. >> reporter: that's a lot of chicken if all 160,000 people here decide to eat it. some may have to. >> you can lose weight really fast because food is kind of expensive. >> reporter: people from pretty much everywhere else are having trouble with our prices. >> very expensive. even more so than chicago. like the grand slam at denny's was $12. back home it's like $6.99. >> burgers are like $12, $13. >> that's not the case in miami?
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>> no. >> we stayed at marriott marquee, it was like $39. then the next day they were like $500, $600 a night. >> how much do you think you'll drop? >> total amount? couple grand i guess. >> reporter: not for those in their salad days. the city takes in an estimated $200 million during dream force. one $12 hamburger at a time. >> don't forget there's also a giants game tonight about six blocks from here so if you don't have to come down here, don't. coming up at 6:00, i stand in line so you don't have to. in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> wanted to know how he thought the chicken was. the dream force convention going to run till friday. dramatic video of firefighters saving a home from the valley fire. flames are racing to the home middletown saturday night. the crew was able to break through a fence and drag their hoses in. they knocked out flames burning the edge of the roof before the rest
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of the house ignited. here's a look at the aftermath. the home still standing thanks to the hard work of those crews. everything surrounding the house completely burned. devastation like what we've just seen has a lot of people wanting to help and consumer watch reporter julie watts is here with the most effective ways to donate because you want your money to go to the best places. >> and you usually hear cash is best. but when you see donations like that, some do want to give different donations. first off, the red cross has two shelters up and running for victims right now. they say they're providing food and services for more than 1200 people. their largest disaster response yet this fire season. >> this is a big event for us. the town it self was directly impacted, all the residents in that town, many of them have lost their home for good. that was not the case in the previous wildfires where much of the burning and quote/unquote
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introduction was in uninhabited territories. >> the red cross says it really needs cash donations. you can designate your gift at by calling 1-800-redcross or text red cross to 90999 to make a $10 donation. they'll respond to offers to fill specific needs. roberta gonzalez posted another option in her blog today. her running group forward motion is collecting inclined donations at the church on pleasant hill. it's also important to remember scammers try to capitalize on causes like this. never give money to folks going door to door. stick with the national charities you recognize. red cross, salvation army. >> bigger is better in this case. >> or if there's a smaller one you want to give to, head to
5:20 pm and look them up to make sure they're legit and make sure they provide identification to prove they're with the charity. deadly flash floods are washing through lower utah and arizona. motorists rescue a car full of women and children that got stuck in the rushing water. this is near the utah-arizona border. 12 people confirmed dead. late this afternoon, three more people killed by flash flooding at zion national park. four are missing. it also rav aged parks of los angeles. here we see a rescue of people trapped by the fast moving water. massive rainfall caused the flash flooding along the los angeles river. >> we're not used to seeing it. not that we're going to get that kind of rain here. >> but we might. >> we'll hopefully eventually get big rain. >> we may. what we're seeing is that transition of the super dry summer to we're cooler,
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cloudier, wetter at least temporarily. a little bit of relief for the valley fire and the 2,000 firefighters working on it. the answer is yes tomorrow. chilly day today. san jose only 68. cloudy at oakland. livermore, 70. san francisco, 62 degrees. rain on the radar. much of this not hitting the ground. just scanned the computer to see if there's any measurable lake fall. it's not hitting the ground but it's a sign that the atmosphere is juicing up, setting the stage for a bonafied rain chance for all of us tomorrow. concord, 56. san jose, 56. sunrise, 6:52. a big area of low pressure sitting off the washington coastline. counterclockwise flow continues to feed in the cool air. there will be a boundary that moves through tomorrow. let's get right to futurecast and talk about when and where. 7:00 in the morning, lake mendocino county, a few showers. showers continue. moderate at times through 2:00.
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then the front begins to push south crossing the golden gate. a few showers for the south bay early thursday morning. then we'll clear out by thursday afternoon. window of opportunity from tomorrow morning in the north bay through thursday morning in the south bay. after that another ridge of high pressure builds in. it will be a sunny weekend. the north bay will get the most rainfall. anywhere from a 10th of an inch to half an inch of rain. much less rainfall for the big cities. san francisco, oakland, san jose. couple hundredths of an inch. on thursday we transition back to the sunnyside. cool cloudy day tomorrow. hayward, 72. you'll get showers by tomorrow evening in pittsburgh and pleasant hill and san ramon. highs in the 70s. san francisco, may impact your evening commute with a few hours. petaluma, rainfall. lakeport, clear lake , ukiah as early as tomorrow morning. extended forecast. majority of it will be warmer and sunnier.
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next week, sunshine after some rainfall,,
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♪ who wouldn't want a job that pays more than $100,000 a year? >> in tonight's job report, jill shows us that field in high demand. >> the affordable care act has put healthcare cost in focus as the government, doctors, hospitals and insurance companies try to squeeze more productivity out of each step in the process. that's why the field of medical group practice management is expected to grow by 23% by 2022. much faster than the average for other jobs. people in this field are tasked with keeping healthcare offices and hospitals running like well oiled machines. they organize and manage medical information and staff keep up to date on new laws and regulations to make sure the company complies with them and manage the finances of the facility or practice. here in the bay area, medical and
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health services managers earn a mean annual wage of nearly $135,000. and that number is expected to grow as healthcare facilities become larger and more complex. although requirements very, most professionals have at least a bachelor's degree before entering the field and master's degrees are also common.,,,,,,,,
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coming up new at 6:00 tonight, the wildfires getting
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political. how the governor is using the disastrous fire season on his message on climate change. plus, this fire giving way to progress. one year later we check in on another northern california community devastated by flames. how far it's come in one year. that's coming up at 6:00. porsche is entering the market for electric luxury cars. this is a prototype, the mission e. the first all electric porsche. the automaker says it can travel up to 310 miles on a full charge and porsche claims it's only going to take you 15 minutes to fully charge the car. it's expected to hit the showroom floor in the next five years. >> pretty nifty. it's a porsche. rain moving in. our computer is updating our rainfall totals and here it is, highest rainfall totals as we typically see this time of year, the north bay. that's where we need it. that's where the valley fire is burning. potential to up to a half an inch. will it help a lot?
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yes. >> thanks for watching us at 5:00. cbs evening news with scott pelley is next. >> pelley: scenes from a nightmare. flash flooding claims more lives as wildfires destroy hundreds of homes. also tonight, on the eve of the republican debate, the surgeon is surging. a college freshman dies after fraternity hazing. now 37 students face charges, some including murder. and the battle of britain. >> never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few. >> pelley: including a few americans. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: this is our western edition. hell and high water have come to the american west, wip


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